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Featured Product

This TV Looks Like Art on Your Wall

When you're not watching TV, Art Mode transforms The Frame into a beautiful work of art indistinguishable from the real thing.
The Frame includes a free gallery of professionally curated art with 100 free pieces worth thousands of dollars from 10 different categories.

The Frame TV lets people choose what art they want to display, and even allows them to buy more for $20 or $5 a month for access to the entire collection. People can also put their own pictures up for display on the TV.

To make it even easier to make the TV work in any room, people can also choose different frame options. The Frame TV comes with a black border but also offers frames in white, oak and walnut finishes for $200 each for the 55-inch model and $250 for the 65-inch TV.


Instead of turning off like a normal TV, leaving a blank black rectangle on the wall, The Frame is designed to always show its picture when someone is in the room. It uses a motion sensor that keeps the image onscreen as long as it senses movement. When there's no motion after awhile, the screen goes blank, saving power. When the screen is on and showing art, an ambient light sensor matches its brightness level to the room.


The television also hangs flush against the wall to complete its look as a piece of artwork.

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