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office-25-5529.jpgHere's a system with Paradigm "on-wall" speakers. All the equipment is in the utility room & a special remote controls it all.office-25-5529.jpg
office-25-5539.jpgWe call this "cable porn"! These are high end cables from Audioquest in one of our clients systemsoffice-25-5539.jpg
office-25-5540.jpgThe owner of this RV loved his Control4 at home so much that he hired us to outfit his "home away from home" with Control4!office-25-5540.jpg
Kitchen Island SurpriseHere's the kitchen island with a 40" surprise hiding inside Kitchen Island Surprise
Island Surprise RevealedAnd here's the 40" TV exposed Island Surprise Revealed
Concealed Ceiling SpeakersInstalling a speaker in the beautiful ceiling woodwork would have been a big mistake . Can you spot the speakers? Concealed Ceiling Speakers
Hidden SpeakersHere are the speakers. Tucked away visually but still sounding great. Hidden Speakers
AV MagicThis is the room where the audio video magic happens! The art rolls up to reveal a 75" TV, a motorized mechanism raises the front 3 speakers from a chamber on top of the fireplace where two 900 watt subwoofers also come to life. The surround sound speakers are in the ceiling behind the seating area AV Magic
office-25-5534.jpgThis recessed 75" TV is concealed by art which rolls down when the TV isn't in useoffice-25-5534.jpg
office-25-5530.jpgThis system's front speakers & subwoofers are behind an acoustically transparent screen making the speakers truly invisible office-25-5530.jpg
office-25-5531.jpgAn ultra clean recessed TV install. All the equipment which feeds this TV & ceiling speaker system is in the utility roomoffice-25-5531.jpg
office-25-5532.jpgHere's a traditional floor standing speaker & projection systemoffice-25-5532.jpg
office-25-5533.jpgThis system's speakers are located behind custom panels which are covered with grill cloth.office-25-5533.jpg
office-25-5535.jpgWe equipped this home with Control4. Now the client can control their gate from anywhere in the worldoffice-25-5535.jpg
office-25-5536.jpgThis theater was DIY by one of our fantastic clients! We supplied the equipment & did tweaking to ensure maximum performanceoffice-25-5536.jpg
office-25-5537.jpgThis system features concealed equipment & speakers as well as some impressive LED lightingoffice-25-5537.jpg
office-25-5538.jpgImagine watching 4 games at the same with your friends!office-25-5538.jpg