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Samsung UN78HU9000

Jun 19, 2014

We have a new, new, NEW, UHDTV in our showroom. The Samsung UN78HU9000 sprang to life in 78” of full UltraHD only a few days ago.

Firstly, allow me to endorse giant 78” screens. 78 inches on a UHD screen has the same pixel density as a 40” 1080P HDTV. This means you must press your nose to


Paradigm Stylus 170 Vs. 270

Apr 30, 2014

As the weather starts to improve, and I find myself making excuses to stay outside, one of the things I miss most is music. You can bet that the instant I own my own home I will be looking for a great set of outdoor speakers. This week I am going to compare two of Paradigm’s most affordable


Monitor Audio Silver 6 Tower

Apr 01, 2014

I don’t know of anyone who does not dream of the day they can really pump up the jams with some nice tower speakers. With this in mind, meet my guest this past weekend: The Monitor Audio Silver 6.

The Silver 6 is the smallest tower in the Silver lineup from Monitor Audio. The line then


Monitor Radius 45HD

Mar 20, 2014

It’s the little things that make me smile, that make my day. I love it when, out of the blue, I find something that exists without pretense. It’s simple, effective and carefully crafted. In a sea of half working, disposable spam, an honest device that works it’s heart out, without asking for


Paradigm H15NC

Jan 30, 2014

Every once in a while I have a tough time writing a review because a product is so good, and yet, not quite what you might expect. This is that review.

The Paradigm H15NC is possibly one of the best sounding supra-aural (on-ear) reference headphones I have ever tested. The problem: it