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Sonos Play5

Dec 16, 2016

How many zillion reviews are there for the PLAY5? It’s a great piece, it simply works and the sound is easy to enjoy. This review will be a bit different, as I am focusing on the PLAY5’s ideal use and exactly why you should or shouldn’t want one.


Do you want ambient music throughout


LG B6 and E6 OLED TVs

Dec 05, 2016

If you were looking for an excuse to buy an OLED TV, here it is.


LG has recently dropped the price on its least expensive OLED TV with 4K resolution, the B6 series reviewed here. The 55-inch OLED55B6P is officially $2,000 while the 65-inch OLED65B6P is $3,000, but there's a


Power Matching Speakers and Amps

Nov 01, 2016

I recently decided it was time to own my own home theatre and stop mooching our display models over the weekends. This seemed like a good idea because not only would I have my own dream setup, but I would be able to test other equipment against a known baseline for my reviews.


All I


Audioquest Nighthawk

Jul 27, 2016

I’m writing this while having my grey-matter rearranged by Audioquest’s Nighthawk headphones. Not my own pair, because I don’t got phat stacks like that!


LET’S BEGIN BY SAYING THESE ARE SUPER COMFORTABLE! *sorry I have the hawks up really loud. I am a super-freak about how headphones


JVC DILA 6th Gen Projectors

May 10, 2016

Firstly this is less of a review than my other articles, as I don’t have the capacity to test an entire line of projectors. Also the gentleman in the video is our JVC rep Francisco. That said, these projectors are universally loved for their many talents.


First talent: Black levels;



Apr 13, 2016

We are often asked what the difference is between LED and OLED. After all, isn’t “OLED” just “LED” plus an “O”? Actually, despite the naming similarities these two technologies are completely different. The short answer is you want OLED. The long answer is:


OLED and LED are two


Paradigm H15NC

Mar 22, 2016

Active Noise Cancellation; because telling an airplane full of people to “PIPE DOWN!” isn’t socially acceptable.


I know of only three companies that produce good noise-cancelling headphones. Those brands are Sennheiser, Bose, and Paradigm. The degree of cancellation is different for each


Paradigm Wireless Solution

Feb 29, 2016
Recently we reviewed the Paradigm PW800, just one of the latest components entering into the wireless speaker arena. The Paradigm Premium Wireless products run on the DTS Play-Fi (app) platform. We compare the Play-Fi platform to that of “Android” for smartphones, which means this technology can be

Paradigm Prestige 15B

Feb 03, 2016
Bookshelves. They are the speakers that fit best in most applications. When you are low on space: bookshelves. When you have a small amplifier: bookshelves. When you are saving a few bucks: bookshelves. I understand some people actually don’t like the look of towers, which IS crazy: Bookshelves.